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SunBird Studio – Fashion Yae Miko | 潮流 八重神子


Brands/团队: SunBird Studio
Product/作品: Fashion Yae Miko, 潮流 八重神子
Dimension/尺寸: 26cm 1/7
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q2 2024
PO/预定: RM 570, Deposit/定金: 45%
Units/体数: 188

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Acy Studio – Mai Shiranui | 不知火舞


Brands/团队: Acy Studio
Product/作品: Mai Shiranui, 不知火舞
[A] – Dimension/尺寸: 62cm, 32cm, 28cm (1/4)
[B] – Dimension/尺寸: 40cm, 36cm, 58cm (1/4)
[C] – Dimension/尺寸: 69cm, 40cm, 58cm (1/4)
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q1 2024
[A] – PO/预定: RM 2130, Deposit/定金: 45%
[B] – PO/预定: RM 2400, Deposit/定金: 45%
[C] – PO/预定: RM 4400, Deposit/定金: 45%
Units/体数: 288
Note/备注: [A] – cast off able breast part, without underwear.
[B] – cast off able breast part.
[C] – [A] Standing pose character able to insert into [B] base together as combined display.

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ZZDD Studio – Enel God of Thunder | 雷神艾尼路


Brands/团队: ZZDD Studio
Product/作品: Enel God of Thunder, 雷神艾尼路
Dimension/尺寸: 70cm, 64cm, 52cm
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q1 2024
PO/预定: RM 3280, Deposit/定金: 45%
Note/备注: come with LED.

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Art of Eden – Banquet Nier Automata 2B | 夜宴 尼尔2B


Brands/团队: Art of Eden
Product/作品: Banquet Nier Automata 2B, 夜宴 尼尔2B
Dimension/尺寸: 51cm, 40cm, 27cm (1/4)
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q1 2024
[Normal] – PO/预定: RM 2040, Deposit/定金: 45%
[Deluxe] – PO/预定: RM 2480, Deposit/定金: 45%
Units/体数: 199
Note/备注: Normal come with 2B in banquet dress only.
Deluxe come with 2 full characters (extra character with nude), mirror perspective double pendulum platform.

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MMS Studio – Gundam Girl Strike Freedom | 自由机娘


Brands/团队: MMS Studio
Product/作品: Gundam Girl Strike Freedom, 自由机娘
Dimension/尺寸: 38cm, 32cm, 30cm (1/6)
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q1 2024
PO/预定: RM 1160, Deposit/定金: 45%
Note/备注: Breastplate and hip armor are removable.

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Super Bomb Studio – Boa Hancock | 女帝 波雅·汉库克


Brands/团队: Super Bomb Studio
Product/作品: Boa Hancock, 女帝 波雅·汉库克
Dimension/尺寸: 35cm, 26cm, 26cm (1/8)
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q1 2024
PO/预定: RM 1020, Deposit/定金: 45%
Units/体数: 699

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BT Studio – Execution Ace | 诛 艾斯


Brands/团队: BT Studio
Product/作品: Execution Ace, 诛 艾斯
Dimension/尺寸: cm, cm, cm
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q3 2023
Cost: RM 340
Note/备注: Come with 2 x heads, ready to release.

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ZOR Studio – Super Academy Arale | 超能学院 阿拉蕾


Brands/团队: ZOR Studio
Product/作品: Super Academy Arale, 超能学院 阿拉蕾
Dimension/尺寸: 24cm, 14cm, 15cm
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q1 2024
PO/预定: RM 560, Deposit/定金: 50%

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