Brand/团队 : Clone Studio 
Product/作品 : Fossa, 佛萨
[Normal] – Height,Width,Length/高,宽,深: 25cm (1/6)
[Deluxe] – Height,Width,Length/高,宽,深: 29cm (1/6)
Est. Release/预计出货时间 : Q4 2020
[Normal] – PO/预定 : RM 820,  Deposit : 50%
[Deluxe] – PO/预定 : RM 1050,  Deposit : 50%
Units/体数: 100 units
Deluxe: 2 x heads(normal,wounded)+4 x hands (both hand holds sword, both hand swing)+1 x Forward lower body+Transparent effect+Deluxe Base+Fire Swold effect+steel weapon
Deluxe:双头雕(正常脸*1+受伤脸*1)+4替换胳膊(双手握剑双臂*1+前后摆动双臂*1)+1下身(前进下身)+技能透明件+豪华底座*1 铭牌*1 火焰刀透明配件 钢制武器一把
Normal: 2 x heads(normal,wounded), standing pose character, steel weapon

Normal:双头雕(正常头雕*1+受伤头雕*1) 正常站立人物*1 铭牌*1 钢制武器一把
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