Brands/团队: Creation Studio
Product/作品: Dark Soul 3 Fire Keeper, 黑暗之魂3 防火女
Height, Width, Length/高,宽,长: 42cm, 40cm, 39cm (1/4)
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q2 2022
[Normal] – PO/预定: RM 2040, Deposit/定金: 45%
[Deluxe] – PO/预定: RM 2480, Deposit/定金: 45%
Note/备注: Normal: 2 x heads and LED base / 普通:双头雕+火焰灯透明地台
Deluxe: 2 x heads + 2 x full body with different poses +LED base + Fur cushion
高配: 两个头雕+两个姿势+两个完整身体+火焰地台+毛垫
Finishing will upgrade to Glass Eyes and Realistic Skin Painting / 大货会用玻璃眼与写实涂装

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