Brands/团队: Fan Art Studio
Product/作品: Tifa Lockhart, 蒂法 洛克哈特
Dimension/尺寸: 56cm, 26cm, 26cm (1/3)
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q4 2023
[Normal Tifa Only] – PO/预定: RM 2260, Deposit/定金: 45%
[Deluxe Tifa Only] – PO/预定: RM 2960, Deposit/定金: 45%
[Normal Tifa + Cloud] – PO/预定: RM 4080, Deposit/定金: 45%
[Deluxe Tifa + Cloud] – PO/预定: RM 4680, Deposit/定金: 45%
Note/备注: Cloud information are here.
Deluxe come with extra Tifa character in full nude, to be reveal soon and with more add on accessories options (fabric, hair transplant head sculpt etc).

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