Brands/团队: G5 Studio x Ao Meaw Studios
Product/作品: Nine Red Scabbards (Part 2), 赤鞘九侠 (第二套)
[Kinemon/锦卫门] – Height/高: 9.7cm
[Kanjuro/勘十郎] – Height/高: 9cm
[Inuarashi/犬岚] – Height/高: 11.5cm
[Kikunojo/菊之丞] – Height/高: 8.7cm
[Izo/以藏] – Height/高: 8cm
Weight/重量: TBD 有待确定
Est Release Date/出货日期 : Q2 2021
Units/体数: TBD 有待确定
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