Brand/团队 : Genesis Collectibles
Product/作品 : Iori Yagami, 八神庵
Type/类型: Action Figure / 可动手办
Licensed/版权: SNK Corporation
Height/高: 36.5cm (1/6)
Weight/重量: 1.37kg
Release/出货时间 : Jan 2020
PO/预定 : RM 580,  Deposit/定金 : 50%
One head sculpt
One 1/6 body(S01)
One pair of relaxed hands
One pair of fist hand
One pair of hand to hold the flame
One pair of poster hand
One pair of hand of orchid finger
One set of costume
One pair of shoe
Two pieces of customized flames
One transparent stand
One base with a flame and customized pattern