Brands/团队: Hunter Fan Studio
Product/作品: Gon’s Final Transformation vs Neferpitou, 黑化小杰vs尼飞比特
[With Neferpitou] – Dimension/尺寸: 50cm, 77cm, 43.8cm (1/6)
[Without Neferpitou] – Dimension/尺寸: 46cm, 63cm, 42cm (1/6)
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q1 2024
[With Neferpitou] – PO/预定: RM 1880, Deposit/定金: 45%
[Without Neferpitou] – PO/预定: RM 1390, Deposit/定金: 45%
Note/备注: Gon’s hand come with LED.
Existing buyer who POed hunter fan studio’s product before, get discount RM120. Provide order number for verification.

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