Brands/团队: Mayflies Studio
Product/作品: Jaina Proudmoore, 吉安娜·普罗德摩尔
Height, Width, Length/高,宽,长: 56.7cm, 35.7cm, 32.2 cm (1/5)
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q4 2021
[Normal] – Early PO/先行预定: RM 2160, Deposit/定金: 45%
[Exclusive] – Early PO/先行预定: RM 2300, Deposit/定金: 45%
Note/备注: Normal comes with white hair’s head only / 普通版只带有白发头雕
Exclusive comes with extra younger Jaina with blonde hair / 独家版有额外年轻金发头雕
Head Sculpting will continue improve further / 头雕还会优化

Hot Deals, 优惠 !!!
Pre-order with Echoing Ooze with only RM 240
一起预购软泥怪 只需RM 240