Brands/团队: Pink Pink Studio
Product/作品: Tifa, 蒂法
Height, Width, Length/高,宽,长: 56cm, 20cm, 20cm (1/4)
Est Release Date/出货日期 : Q4 2020
Cost : RM 3080
Units/体数: 199 international version only!
Material/材质: 100% Resin and PU only / 100%树脂和PU

1. Early PO free 1 set bikini / 灰模预定赠送一套比基尼
2. Cast-offable / 衣服和裙子可脱
3. Future will have related characters from FF / 该系列未来将有更多产品共鸣
4. June to reveal colored prototype / 将会在6月份公布上色图
5. LED Base / 地台多处发光
6. Price increase when colored prototype reveal / 上色后价格上涨

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