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HobbyHouse Studio - Domination Demon Makima (Deluxe) | 支配恶魔玛奇玛 (Deluxe)

HobbyHouse Studio - Domination Demon Makima (Deluxe) | 支配恶魔玛奇玛 (Deluxe)

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Brands/团队: HobbyHouse Studio 
Product/作品: Domination Demon Makima (Deluxe), 支配恶魔玛奇玛 (Deluxe) 
Dimension/尺寸: 48.5cm, 36cm, 38cm (1/4) 
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q1 2024
Cost:$680 USD
Units/体数: TBD

Additional Info:
1. Cast offable, come with stocking or barefoot, tie or bow, high heels or dog chain. 
2. Deluxe come with black fitted skirt, white blouse, necktie, real fabric black stockings, storage box, pochita. 

Important Notice:
1. Deposit is non-refundable.
2. Release dates are subject to change based on factory progress.
3. By ordering, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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