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One Meter Studio - Commander | 总帅

One Meter Studio - Commander | 总帅

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Brands/团队: One Meter Studio 
Product/作品: Commander, 总帅
[Main Character] - Dimension/尺寸: 61cm, 50cm, 54cm
[Gun Rack] - Dimension/尺寸: 32cm, 17cm, 52cm
[Crystal Wall Art] - Dimension/尺寸: 60cm, 40cm
[Commander] - Dimension/尺寸: 12cm, 10cm, 16cm
[Shield Rack] - Dimension/尺寸: 47cm, 26cm, 20cm
[Overall Dimensions After Installed] - Dimension/尺寸: 47cm, 50cm, 43cm
Est Release Date/出货日期: Q3 2025
[Red] - PO/预定:$1,028 USD , Deposit/定金:$468 USD
[White] - PO/预定:$1,028 USD , Deposit/定金:$468 USD
[Transparent] - PO/预定:$1,078 USD , Deposit/定金:$488 USD
[Purple] - PO/预定:$1,028 USD , Deposit/定金:$468 USD
Units/体数: TBD

Additional Info:
1. Come with weapon rack with dual guns and backpack fuel pipes (Beam Scatter Rifle, Diffuse Miga Particle Cannon, Main Backpack Fuel Pipes x2). 
2. Come with Magnetic Shield Rack (Removable Shield and Gauss Cannon Kit). 
3. The main character can be in Explosive Armor State and/or Closed Armor State. 
4. Come with magnetic suction eye lamp. 
5. Gauss Cannon Kit can be display on the main body and/or the shield rack. 
6. Comprised of a total of 752 components. 

Important Notice:
1. Deposit is non-refundable.
2. Release dates are subject to change based on factory progress.
3. By ordering, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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