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SGD Studio - Nier Automata 2B | 尼尔2B

SGD Studio - Nier Automata 2B | 尼尔2B

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Brands/团队: SGD Studio 
Product/作品: Nier Automata 2B, 尼尔2B
Dimension/尺寸: 75cm (1/3) 
Est Release Date/出货日期: TBC
PO/预定:$963 USD , Deposit/定金:$433 USD
Units/体数: TBD

Additional Info:
1. The entire body is made of medical-grade silicone skin, with a built-in movable alloy skeleton, allowing for flexible movement as desired. 
2. Advanced hair implantation technology, with each strand distinct, provides you with a better visual and tactile experience. The clothing is custom-made, accurately replicating the character's attire. It is removable and replaceable, made from real fabric for a realistic appearance.
3. The skeleton, skin, and eyeballs have been fully upgraded. More flexible joints, softer chest, more realistic paintwork, and more movable eyeballs. 
4. The stand has been upgraded to a crotch support stand. 
5. This hair does not require self-styling, and the head sculpt is packaged separately in a suspended manner.
6. It is come with 2 version - the poseable version with non-fixed poses and the static version with fixed poses. 
7. It come with main body + costume + long sword + base. 

Important Notice:
1. Deposit is non-refundable.
2. Release dates are subject to change based on factory progress.
3. By ordering, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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